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About the Singer

A Star On The Rise

Coming from Indianapolis, SOLOMON is an R&B artist aiming to revolutionize and once again add meaning to music. SOLOMON's main vision in music is spreading love and happiness while connecting people through music. Established in 2014, SOLOMON has actively worked on his music, creating many songs, as well as a couple of music videos. SOLOMON's biggest accomplishments include the release of his first EP, ‘Alive N' Living,’ in August 2018. SOLOMON is now happy to announce his record deal with Independent Record Label, J Tizzle Muzic, Indiana, USA. SOLOMON has radio play statewide, nationwide and even internationally, including a recent radio play deal made with Now looking to take on the world, SOLOMON sets out to make his vision reality, going from performing at local venues such as the Emerson Theatre, State Street Pub and The Hoosier Dome, to eventually performing nationally, gradually building his reputation to finally be heard and help fight for love and humanity.

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